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Wargames Atlantic Skeletons

As the Kickstarter for the Mythic supplement for Mortal Gods attracts increasing interest many people seem to be asking what exactly you get in the box of 32 Plastic Skeletons on offer as part of some of the pledge levels, or on their own as an extra.

The pack on offer comes from Wargames Atlantic and contains 8 of the sprues shown below, each of which can be used to build up to four skeletons. For weapon options you get a single bow per sprue, along with three normal spears and one pike. There are four shields of three different patterns per sprue and a choice of five different heads, one of which has a helmet. There’s also a trumpet and what looks like a cow skull that can be used with a spear or pike to make a standard.

Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors’ sprue, you get eight of these in a box.

One of the skeletons on each sprue comes with separate legs and body and they are a bit more difficult than the others to assemble – though I found it reasonably easy after learning from the first two.

I bought the normal box of 32 along with an additional sprue (found on Ebay), to give me a total of 36 of the things. Here are some pictures of what I have done with them. Note that I have used transfers and parts from the Skeleton Warriors Warlord Games offer as part of their Warlords of Erwehon range.

I built these figures as leaders. Note that the shields on the left and right come from Warlord Games as do the transfers I’ve used on them.
Skeleton Warriors – you can make up to three models like this per sprue. Again there are Warlord shields and transfers mixed in there.
More Spears
More Skeleton Warriors as above. Note that I have not built any of my models using the pike or standard options.
Skeleton Bowmen. You can make several different poses from the parts in the kit.

That’s probably enough Skeletons for Mortal Gods Mythic, but I really like them and will be getting at least another 32 of the things through the Kickstarter anyway – my Kings of War army would look much better with some Greek skeletons.


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3 Responses

  1. Mark Flanagan says:

    Yes, like these

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for posting this… I’m a historical gamer who has been waiting since my first viewing of Ray Harryhausen’s Jason and the Argonauts to come out of the skeleton cupboard and do some mythical gaming. I bought Mortal Gods under the pretence of fighting Peloponnesian Wars skirmishes but, secretly, wanted to paint skeletons and re-live the casting of the Hydra’s teeth! Now I’ve seen your skeletons built and painted, I’m determined to go ahead and invest in some Wargames Atlantic figures to fight against my Greek hoplites.

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