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Warcry Warbands

I’ve been playing rather a lot of Warcry recently, it’s a really enjoyable skirmish game and I think it’s the best game that Games Workshop have published in recent years. I bought it when it was first released pre-Covid, but didn’t really have the opportunity to play until Autumn last year.


I’ve played more games with my Nighthaunt than I have with any other warband, they’re very mobile and fun to play, but they’re a bit lacking in hitting power.

Flesh-eater Coutrs

The Flesh-eater Courts warband have two big hitting flyers, with support from a load of Ghoulish chaff.

Legions of Nagash

The Legions of Nagash have been rewritten as Soulblight Gravelords since I put together this warband and they’ll soon be getting some Vampire reinforcements from the updated list.

Ossiarch Bonereapers

I converted these these Bonereapers to give them some samurai/ashigaru looks before I bought Warcry. I’ve still to use them in a game, but they’re ready and waiting.

Untamed Beass (1)

Only just finished today I have two different Untamed Beasts warbands with different playing styles. The first one is as they come out of the box, the other combines heavy hitters with lots of weak fighters to run interference.

Thunderstrike Stormcast

Another recent edition coming from a bargain buy of the Dominion boxset – four Warbands for £50. Two bands of Stormcast and two of Kruelboyz waiting to be painted.


Half the Ironjawz were painted by my son but I have them on loan. The Goblins in the warband below are all his.


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