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Warcry – Nighthaunt

Lots of options here.

As I mentioned in my post Plans for 2020 I’ve been playing games of Warcry with my son and have been painting up some warbands, here’s my latest, a group of Nighthaunts. I’ve got quite a few models in there, giving me lots of flexibility in putting together warbands. I could easily do two to fight against each other, or I might sell one. I was helped in getting them together by the purchase of some issues of the Mortal Realms magazine which got me everything except the Grimghast, which I got from Ebay, and the Spirit Hosts which I bought at my local gaming shop, Red Dice Games.

Chainrasps and a Dreadwarden – ten for £2.99 with the first issue of Mortal Realms.
Extoller of Shyish and three Grimghast Reapers. I found these on Ebay for £10.
Glaivewraith Stalkers. These will not get used very much, they’re not particularly good for their points.
Myrmourn Banshees – I found the stats for these on the Internet.
Thorns pof the Briar Queen provided me with a Banshee ally, another Dreadwarden and five more Chainrasps.
Spirit Hosts

I’m planning to do a force of each of the warbands in the Death Grand Alliance. Legions of Nagash are already done and I’m part way through some Ossiarch Bonereapers.


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