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Vikings for Saga


I’ve not posted here for ages, but I’ve been painting away, albeit slowly.  Latest addition to the hordes is this Viking warband for Saga, Gripping Beast’s game of skirmishes in the Viking age.    We’ve been playing this game a lot at the club, it’s great fun if you can cope with it being rather abstract.  I need to get a unit of twelve bowmen to round the force off and help me beat the pesky Welsh, all of whom come armed with javelins.

Close up of my Warlord and a unit of berserkers.


The figures are all from Gripping Beast,  The Hearthguard and Warlord are made from their plastic GBP01 Viking Hirdman Box Set, the berserkers are four figures from their twelve figure VIK27 Ulfhednar set and the Bondi are an assortment from their New Bondi range.    The flag and the decals on some of the shields are from LBM.


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