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VC Local Force

My first Platoon for Charlie Don’t Surf  is finished.   Viet Cong Local Force.   Now on to the US infantry.


Edit: Figures are 10mm from Pendraken. Indo China (VM) and Vietnam NVA/VC (VC) Ranges


Left to Right (Tu Ve rifle scarf bareheaded walking)VM2 (Tu Ve rifle shorts hat running) and VM3  (Tu Ve rifle scarf bareheaded walking) VC2 (Rifleman firing AK47, bush hat) and VM5  (Bo Dai Phuong, Thompson SMG, bush hat).


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3 Responses

  1. Paul Curlin says:

    They look great! I like the fact that you have them based to make change with 3s 2s and 1s. Are these 10mm from Pendraken or…? I have been trying to slow my gamer’s buying habit but when TooFatLardies get Charlie Don’t Surf back from the printer I know I will line up to get it too 🙂

  2. Laffe says:

    Nice! Are they 10 or 15mm?

  3. dmchodge says:

    Figures are all 10mm from Pendraken. I’ve edited my post and added a picture showing which figures they are.

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