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US Rangers


Inspired by the new Force on Force rules and the film Blackhawk Down I have just finished a platoon of US Rangers which I will use for battles similar to those fought by the US Rangers in Mogadishu,  1993.  The figures are all US Marines from Peter Pig’s, Range 18 “AK47 Republic”.


Platoon HQ:  left to right Medic, Platoon Sergeant,  Radio Operator, Officer  (figures from Peter Pig range 18 pack 136) .


Rifle Squad:  2 x SAW gunners, 2 x M203 grenadiers 4 x M16 riflemen, 1 x squad leader  (figures from Peter Pig range 18 packs 128, 130, 131, 134)


Weapons Squad:  3 x M240 teams plus a squad leader (figures from Peter Pig range 18 packs 128, 130 &  138)


Miscellaneous:  Infantryman carrying AT4 anti-tank weapon, snipers and spotter  (figures from Peter Pig range 18 packs 135  & 141)


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2 Responses

  1. Ok, now you just need to assemble some good guys!

  2. Nice paint job. I have a bunch of these maturing in a box just waiting for the their time on the work bench.

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