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Ten New Samurai Decals

Ten new patterns of samurai decal are now available for sale in the Derek’s Wee Decals store. That makes 80 different patterns available for use by Samurai wargamers and modellers.

The new decals are shown in the picture above, as usual they’re all available in multiple sizes and colours.

  • Top row left to right- a hanabishi as used on some Takeda banners, notably the personal banners of Takeda Shingen ; a hanabishi in a circle as used by the Got? clan; crossed kama (sickles) as used by the Kobayakawa clan: a rather unusual symbol used on the banners of Anayama Nobutada; the kanji “hachi” as used by the Yokota clan.
  • Bottom row left to right – a omodaka (water plantain) as used by the troops of Oyamada clan; a disc in a crescent as used by the troops of Obu Toramasa; an open octagon as used by troops of Obata Masimori (aka Obata Nobusada); a crescent as used by the troops of Itagaki Nobu; nine stars as used by Kosaka Masanobu.

I’ve been focusing on the Battle of Nagashio recently and there’s symbols used by seven of Takeda Shingen’s Twenty Four Generals in there.


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