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Stargrave – My Robots

In the search through my unused science fiction miniatures I came across a number of the pre-painted Star Wars Miniatures that were sold by Wizards of the Coast between 2004 and 2010. In the months after the range was discontinued they were to be found in pound shops and I purchased a good few of them at a bargain price. Among the stuff I found were a number of robots and this inspired me to put together a group of Robots for Stargrave. I added some Tau Drones that I also found lying about and then to round things off I bought some Star Wars Legion Droidekas from Ebay. The Droidekas normally retail at over £20, but I got a set without the cards for the Legion game for £15 inc P&P.

I intend to use some of these Robots in a Stargrave crew at some point, when I will have to add at least a couple of living types as leaders, and they can also do duty as the “unwanted attention” which shows up towards the end of games.

I will use these Star Wars B1 Robots (Yellow Leader and Yellows 1-8) as Lightly Armoured types in Stargrave.
These B2s (Boris, Brutus, Babe and Doris) will do as Troopers, Sentries or other types in Heavy Armour.
My Droidekkas (Pollux and Mutt) will act as Troopers in Combat Armour.
I reckon I can use these 40K Tau Droids (Baz, Dross, Ant and Dax) for just about anything. The weight of armour depends on the shield units available for them and all the rest is down to the details of their programming and equipment loadout.

The symbols on the droids are all custom decals I made for myself. I can make some for you if you want, see DereksWeeDecals for details.


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  1. Nicholas Caldwell says:

    Ha! Love the decals! That’s a bit of detail I should use on mine. Great idea about using them as the unwanted attention.

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