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Song of the Rings

A couple of years ago the Lord of the Rings Combat Hex game got discontinued and the packs of “collectable” pre-painted  miniatures flooded into discount stores all over the UK.  They were dirt cheap so I bought loads of the things on the grounds that “they’ll come in handy some day”.  Of course they sat in boxes for  years and I did nothing with them.

That was until I discovered  Song of Blades and Heroes from Ganesha Games.    I’ve played a few games of this using 28mm  fantasy figures and also the Song of Ninja and Katana variant for Samurai and it seems ideally suited for playing Lord of the Rings.   So out came the old Combat Hex Games and I’ve rebased a whole load of them on 30mm circular bases.

The miniatures are about 40mm tall and are not particularly well painted.  But they look OK if they’re put on decent bases.

The weapons on some of the Combat Hex figures are very droopy indeed.  I’ve replaced the spears on my Rohan spearmen with ones I made from plastic rod.

Some examples of my warbands can be seen below.


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3 Responses

  1. Nice site, I’ve saved it off. Like you I look to likely acquisitions for gaming with when companies withdraw lines. I’ve just been scoring MechWarrior stuff, initially for rebasing and painting, but the rules are interesting, so I now have some for gaming with too.

  2. darrell slover says:

    i too collect those minis from sabertooth games the combat hex ,but i live in america and they are very hard to find ,please tell me if you know somewhere i can buy these miniatures ,i also have removed the bases and put them on 30mm bases they look great ,thank you

    • Derek says:

      I bought them all several years ago on Ebay. Just after they were discontinued and going very cheap.

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