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Having painted loads of resin buildings I decided to try scratch-building some of my own.  The walls of the building are made from foamcore stuck together with a hot glue gun.

BuiltI covered the entire building with a coat of watered down PVA glue mixed with filler.  I coated the outside walls with sand.

TexturedThen I glued on some wooden supports where the second story floors will go.

Texturedplus1More texturing with sand, model  railway ballast and cut up coffee stirrers.

Texturedplus2Lintels from plasticard, more texturing  with filler.

Texturedplus3Floors are made from strips of wood cut from coffee stirrers and glued onto thin card.

FloorsPainted, inked and dry-brushed.

Predetail1Almost finished and just waiting for the finishing touches, shutters mostly.  If there’s one thing that says Normandy to me it’s the light grey shutters on  most of the buildings.

Predetail2Finished and ready to use.




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2 Responses

  1. Aric Watson says:

    I’m digging the coffee stirrers – will have to try that sometime! I always used balsa, but I imagine stirrers are quicker/cheaper to get.

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