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A week’s holiday and I’ve finished painting my Scotti starting force.


That’s the way I think I’ll normally use it, the Lord is in his chariot which allows me to upgrade the light cavalry to raider cavalry and to command the cavalry more effectively.   There are two Nobles under the Lord, one of whom commands the Skirmishers.  The models are all from either Gripping Beast or Wargames Foundry.

Here’s the foot Nobles I’ve got painted, the extra one shows up with some of the campaign reinforcements.  The big hairy chap waving his shield in the air is the champion. Models are Gripping Beast (PCT16 Caledonian Heroes  and PCT04 Toisech/Thanes Attacking)  except for the standard bearer who is a Wargames Foundry Pict.


Most often my Lord will command the cavalry from his chariot .  The model is Gripping Beast CHAP01 Pict Lord in Chariot.   I cut the heads that are on the side of the chariot model off using a dremel.


The core of the Scotti force is made up of three groups of six raiders.  They are all Wargames Foundry Picts.


With support from some noble cavalry – Gripping Beast PCTC02 Mounted Toisechs/Thanes


a group of light cavalry, who are upgraded to raider cavalry if the Lord is commanding them from his chariot  – Gripping Beast PCTC04 Mounted Eachraidh


The Scotti are well endowed with harassing troops, they have  two groups of four commanded skirmishers – Gripping Beast PCT11 Tilgeyr


and  a group of four slingers – Gripping Beast BWK10 Pagenses, Slings


I’ve played in games with Scotti a few times, mostly on the opposite side it has to be said.  They’re an very interesting and effective force to play but they’re tricky to handle.  The cavalry and the harassing troops are difficult for other player to catch, so they are  highly effective in raid scenarios if you can get in and out quickly.  The commanded skirmishers can be highly effective at disrupting enemy formations, and their having a noble, who can remove shock, means they stay around longer than other people’s skirmishers.    Their major weakness is that they’ve only got three units of raider infantry.


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3 Responses

  1. Emilio Moskowich says:

    Nice warband, but, where is the champion? I don´t see it.

    • Derek says:

      When the Lord is in his chariot the Champion drives the thing. If I’m using my Lord on foot then I’ll use the bloke waving his shield in the air in the second picture as Champion.

      • Emilio Moskowich says:

        I didn´t realize that the champion drive the chariot! For me, the charioteer was a non combatant. Wasn´t Cuchulainn who said “I don´t kill charioteers”?

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