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Samurai Cavalry based individually.  I intend to use these models for Song of Ninja and Katana, a Song of Blades and Heroes variant which can be found on the songofblades Yahoo Group.  They are based on 25mm x 50mm x 2mm oval bases I had made for me by warbases.co.uk


Below they are  on sabot bases for Impetus.  These sabots were also custom made by Warbases.co.uk.  I had them make the hole in the sabot 0.5mm bigger than the base on the figure as I paint the sides of the base and need to leave some room for paint.  I tried prototype sabots that had holes 1mm bigger, but this was too much.


Samurai on foot.  They are based on UK  two pence pieces, much cheaper than any custom base and just over 25mm in diameter.  Again warbases.co.uk made the sabots in the bottom picture, again the holes are 0.5mm bigger than the bases.



My whole army on their Impetus sabots.


More information on these sabots  in a previous post.


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2 Responses

  1. brilliant idea. The sabots are very cool. This shows how you can play a multitude of games with the same figures and well planned basing.

  2. Steven says:

    Inspiring, mate! Well done and great, simple but effective painting

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