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Sabots for Sharp Practice 2

I’m involved in the play-testing of the new version of TooFatLardies‘ Sharp Practice rules and I’m enjoying it thoroughly.   I can’t really say much about the details but the new v.2 rules use mechanisms that are quite a bit simpler than v.1, whilst having more in the way of decision making.  They’re shaping up to be a truly excellent set of rules.

I’m putting together three forces, French, British and Spanish guerillas and have bought lots of the things.  Plastics from Perry Miniatures for the French and British, supplemented with some command figures from Front Rank, and Front Rank for my Guerillas .  So far I’ve painted one (yes one) British infantryman and 27 guerillas.  But I have been painting and texturing sabots as well.

Line-SabotsThis is what I’ll be using for my French and British.  The troops are all mounted on 1p pieces, which are just over 20mm in diameter, while officers are on 2p pieces, which are 25.9mm in diameter. .

Line-Filled The black bits in the sabots are20mm diameter circles of  self-adhesive magnetic sheet which I got along with the sabots from Michael Scott of Supreme Littleness Design.

UpsideThe magnets are strong enough to hold  the troops in place on hills etc (and even upside down if you’re careful).  Most 1p and 2p pieces in circulation these days are steel and will stick to the magnetic sheet.

HolesBut the black magnetic sheet makes the sabots a bit unsightly when troops are removed as casualties and painting it lessens the magnetic attraction.

HolesFilledSo I’ve made blanks to fill the gap and dice holders to use for marking shock on the troops.  They’re basically just textured 1p pieces, the dice holders are made from 1p pieces and dice frames from Minibits to hold a 7mm dice in place.

SeargeantI’ve also got single stand sabots which allow me to get dual use from figures like this sergeant.  Here he is taking a place in the ranks.

SergLeadtWhile here he is in his sabot taking a more active leadership role.

I have a different system for the guerillas, which will be the subject of another post.


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3 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    I like your use of the blanks and dice holders for the sabots – might have to shamelessly copy that!

    • Derek says:

      Glad you’ve found something useful here.

      • Greg says:

        Indeed, and thanks for posting that link for Supreme Littleness. Having a card underlay for the sabots is curious, and in this case thinner is better. I have a few of the offerings from Warbases, but Supreme might get a look as well.

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