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Flexible Sabot System Elevator Pitch

The Flexible Sabot System allows wargamers to use 28mm figures that are individually based on most common sizes of base on standard sized sabots designed for specific games.

The picture below demonstrates the idea with models based in five different ways fitted on identically sized sabots for use with Infamy, Infamy!

For many wargamers it would reduce, or even eliminate, the need for rebasing that can put them off trying out new rules.

It would also make it easier for wargamers to play games with friends whose troops are based differently.


What base sizes are covered

  • Infantry– 20mm circles. 20mm squares, 1p pieces, 25mm circles, 25mm squares, 2p pieces.
  • Cavalry – 25mm x 50mm rectangles, ovals and pills.

What games are covered?

I have designs ready to go that work for all the different types of unit from the following games from the TooFatLardies stable,

  • Dux Britanniarum
  • Infamy, Infamy!
  • Sharpe Practice

What files do I have ready?

There’s more information about the specifics of the system for TooFatLardies games available here.

  • For all the games mentioned above I have stl files ready and tested for 3D printing and vector graphics files that only require minimal adjustments to be ready for use in laser cutting mdf sabots.
This is the full range of products I have for Infantry in the TFL Flexible Sabot System

I have similar sabots in compatible designs for Cavalry mounted on 25mm x 50mm rectangles, 25mm x 50mm ovals or 25mm x 50mm pills. They come in a number of sizes and there are sabots specially Foot Cavalry units (mixed infantry and cavalry) that are a feature of Infamy.

Five File Fantasy

I have also done the detailed design work for sabots for use with the fantasy rank and flank game Oathmark – all required options for one, two, three and four ranks of five for Infantry and one and two ranks of five for cavalry.


  • I have designs are ready to go for the games mentioned above, but the system could be extended to other games which use multi-figure units on standardised unit bases .
  • I can’t get the vector graphics files fully ready to go as people use slightly different set ups when laser cutting.
  • For use in my own TFL games I use a slightly more restricted system that can’t handle the larger infantry options (25mm round, 25mm square, 2pence piece. This system gives closer spaced troops which I prefer so I’ve given up some flexibility in return for a better look.


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