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Review of 2020

Games Played

My target was one game a week in 2020 and the year started extremely well on this front.  I was off work and got invited along to a friend’s once a week Tuesday morning games session.  With that, weekend games and the weekly meetings of the South East Scotland Wargames Club I’d taken part in over twenty gaming sessions by the end of the first week in March.  Then Covid arrived.  I took part in several online games but my playing frequency dropped right off. 

Totals for the year

  • 12 Sharp Practice
  • 5 Infamy, Infamy!
  • 3 Bloodrage (boardgame)
  • 3 Test of Honour
  • 2 Dux Britanniarum
  • 2 Fistful of Lead
  • 2 Nemesis (boardgame)
  • 2 Warcry
  • 1 Chain of Command
  • 1 Mortal Gods
  • 1 Zombicide
  • 1 What a Cowboy

That total of 34 is way below my target. 

Planned Painting

Part of my Hades force for Mortal Gods Mythic/. I have more skeletons and a Hydra still to paint.

Mortal Gods & Mortal Gods Mythic: My main aim for the year was to finish a Hades force for Mortal Gods Mythic and with over 1,000 points of Hades troops, a Heroes Lochos and another for historical Mortal Gods I certainly over achieved there. 

Jason and the Argonauts (Heroes Lochos for Mortal Gods Mythic)

I have to say that the Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors are probably my favourite wargames plastics ever. You can just do do so much with them.

Bandits and Ronin for Test of Honour.

Test of Honour:  Other aims I managed to achieve included growing my Samurai forces for Test of Honour and I can now put together fully painted forces for two Samurai bands,  and a Bandit band.    I bought even more figures than I painted though and by the end of the year I had large numbers of Ronin, Bandits  Ikko Ikki and Sohei Monks based and undercoated.

My Sanada warband for Test of Honour.

Infamy, Infamy! :  I was thinking about doing this in 10mm, but in the end I just used 28mm Victrix plastics.  I’ve finished off a starter force of Republican Romans and I have a large number of Gauls ready to go (based and under coated) 

Republican Romans (Hastatai or Pricepes) for Infamy, Infamy!

Oathmark:  I painted quite a few bits and bobs to allow me to expand out some fantasy and historical figures I’ve had for years to build forces for Oathmark, the new(ish) fantasty game from Osprey.  I’ve still not managed to have a game, but I bought some of their rather nice Bronze Age Skeletons and  some Giant Spiders from Wargames Atlantic.  Oathmark, with its 20 man units,  also inspired me to paint far more Wargames Atlantic Skeletons than I’ll ever need for Mortal Gods Mythic.  Will five regiments be enough? 

Bronze Age Skeletons for Oathmark

Painting for Warband Games

I did quite a few small warbands for skirmish games such as Games Workshop’s Warcry and Fistful of Lead from Wiley Games.  I’’ve found that I really rather enjoy building and painting small warbands of ten to twenty figures as mini-projects.  During the year I completed warbands of Skeletons, Ghosty Boys (GW Nighthaunts), Ossiarch Bonereapers, and Undead Space Marines.

The Ghosty Boys


Not as much as I made in 2019, but I did a watermill for my Japanese village and a “Wako” Pirate ship to allow my Test of Honour bandits to take to the sea. No  I also did a few buildings from Sarissa’s Mediterranean range to use in Mortal Gods.  vegetables or paddy fields though.

Wako Pirate Ship from Sarissa Precision
Compound from Sarissa Precision’s Mediterranean range.

Incomplete Plans

Kings of War:  I planned to get stuck into my undead pile and get more forces together for Kings of War.  Unfortunately my enthusiasm for the game has just dropped off a cliff.  I think most of that’s down down to the way that I finally got copies of the various expansions two days before Mantic announced a new edition.  I did repurpose some of the models for other projects though. I did manage to do some bits and bobs for various Sharp Practice projects though I still don’t have any cavalry for any of my forces and my British infantry, the first troops I bought for Sharp Practice, remain unpainted.  . 

I also managed to do some bits and bobs I needed for various games of Sharp Practice though I still don’t have any cavalry for any of my forces and my British infantry, the first troops I bought for Sharp Practice, remain unpainted.


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