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Review of 2018

A month late, but it’s time for me to look back on 2018 and see how I did compared to the targets I set myself at the start of the year.  It was a bad year for blogging but my painting and gaming were going great guns until September when a visit from the Black Dog got me feeling very low and not doing very much at all.  I painted nothing much at all for three months.


Missed my target of 2,000 points in the 2018 Too Fat Lardies Painting Challenge run by Robert Avery on his Vis Lardica blog.  With 1779 points I was 221 short.

Lots of cars, motorbikes  and scenery for Gaslands early in the year, followed up with some painting and rebasing for AK47 Republic.

I made on of my targets in June, when I finally got round to painting some of the French Indian Wars 15mm models I’ve had sitting in a box for about five years.

The release of 1940 supplements for Chain of Command and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum from Too Fat Lardies led me to expand my forces for the period – 10mm French, British and Germans for IABSM and 15mm French and Germans for CoC.

Having graduated from university my son got right back into Warhammer 40K and started collecting what is now a huge Death Guard Army.  So I painted some Space Marines to fight them.

My number one target for the year was to put together a “a complete force for the British” to fight my Peninsular War French using Sharp Practice.  Well I did it, but not in the way I was planning.  Instead of painting the British Line Infantry I’ve had for years, I went out and bought a Naval Landing Party.  They were a complete bargain and I covered the cost by selling my Mutineer Forces for Sharp Practice.  I reckoned that I’d be much better off with the Naval types  as selling the Mutineers meant I didn’t need me to buy an opposition force and loads of scenery to get them on the table.


I put together a load of scenery for Gaslands, but haven’t used most of it in a game yet.  I must try and use it in 2019.

The only other bit of scenery I did was a 28mm Hermitage from Charlie Foxtrot, a really nice little model that promises to be rather useful in our Sharp Practice Peninsular War narrative campaign.


Made my target of one gaming session a week,  42 games played and 10 refereed.

  • Sharp Practice (6 play, 4 referee)
  • To the Strongest (6 play, 2 referee)
  • What a Tanker (4)
  • Z War 1 (4)
  • AK47 Republic (3)
  • Chain of Command ( 1 play, 2 referee)
  • Dux (3)
  • Gaslands (3)
  • IABSM (1 play, 2 referee)
  • Descent (2)
  • Soldiers of God (2)
  • Battlegroup Tobruk (1)
  • For King and Parliament (1)
  • Kill Team (1)
  • Last Days (1)
  • Shadespire (1)
  • Spectre Ops (1)
  • Tribal (1)

I still don’t have any models for Too the Strongest, so thanks again to Jack for all the games.


I organised Deep Fried Lard for the sixth time along with the games at Claymore.  Another quiet year on the shows front, But I did make it over to Antwerp for Crisis and, as usual, had a grand time.


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