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Republican Romans for Infamy, Infamy!

Two boxes of Victrix plastics and I’ve got a Republican Roman force for the upcoming Punic Wars expansion for Infamy, Infamy! not at all bad for £60.

That’s four groups of eight Hastai or Principes (infantry), 3 groups of six Velites (light infantry) and two groups of Equites (cavalry). For leaders I have a Centurion, an Optio and two Equites leaders. I also have a Cornicen (musician) and a Signifer (standard bearer). The shield patterns are all decals I designed and made myself.

The infantry and command. The Optio’s staff has a knob on the end.
Cavalry and command
More velites

I’ll get some Triarii later, but now it’s on to the Gauls.


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  1. Lovely brushwork Derek. I’ve been planning on trying out Infamy for the Early Byzantine regimes of Justinian and Heraclius but have got nowhere at all game wise due to Covid and having to retreat into the house forever. What, if any, changes have you made for the RR and their enemies? I’m hoping that I can pick up some ideas that may help with the Early Byzantines. Especially Plumbata, which is driving me nuts; we really can only guess at how they were used.

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