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Rebasing Paras for CoC

With TooFatLardies promising us a Pint Sized Campaign featuring the fighting between 6th Airborne and 21st Panzer Division during the Normandy invasion I decided to rebase some of the 15mm British paras that have been sitting unused  in a drawer for over ten years.  They’re all old style models fro m Peter Pig that are no longer available.  A weekend’s re-basing work and I’ve got myself a full platoon and a reasonable selection of reinforcements.


An Airborne platoon for Chain of Command is one of the strongest platoons in the game.  They’re elite and aggressive,  get 6 command dice and their section leaders are very flexible, activating with two command initiatives on a command dice of 3 or three initiatives on a 4.   A Platoon has three sections, two rifle sections (firing with a Bren, five riflemen and two Sten gunners) and a  section with two Brens and a sniper team that can be used to form a base of fire.   There’s another sniper team at Platoon HQ along with two senior leaders (Lieutenant and Sergeant) a PIAT team and a 2” mortar.


For supports I’ve got a Vickers MMG, a 6pdt anti-tank gun, an additional section of infantry, a PIAT team and a 2” mortar team.


Here’s the Platoon HQ


a rifle section.


the Bren section


a Vickers MMG


and a 6pdr.

They’re not very well painted, my painting’s improved in the years since I did them, and I really don’t like all those prone Bren teams.  Looking in the lead pile I’ve found some of Peter Pig’s latrest Paras, including a flamethrower and some Bren gunners in walking poses.   I plan on getting them painted soon.


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2 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    Not bad, they’ll go nicely with my so far unused Polish paras.

  2. Chris & Pat Brown says:

    They look pretty good to us and we’re confirmed die-hard 28mm types.

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