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Plans for 2020

A bit late writing this in mid-March, but my plans haven’t changed since the start of the year. 


As per usual

  • At least one gaming session a week
  • Run Deep Fried Lard 2020
Warcry – Legion of Nagash warband

I’ve played a couple of games of Warcry, the fantasy skirmish game from Games Workshop/Warhammer with my son and completed a Legions of Nagash (skeleton) warband last year.   I’m planning on more for 2020.

I built an awful lot of cars and scenery for Gaslands back in 2018 and bought the second edition of the rules and some new bits and bobs last year.  I only played once in 2019 but really enjoyed it.  More games planned for 2020.

My most played game of 2019 was Test of Honour and I’m expecting it will feature strongly again in 2020.  It’s great fun to play and really easy to get on the table. 


Having beat my target for 2019 I’m going to try for it again – 2,000 points in the TooFatLardies Painting Challenge 2020. 

Specific plans.

Getting ready for Mortal Gods Mythic

Mortal Gods & Mythic:  I’ve been completely sold on this ever since I saw the Wargames Atlantic Greek Skeletons and have dived in deep with the Hades faction in the recently funded Kickstarter.  With the skeletons already painted I should be able to get a force completed fairly soon after the stuff arrives.  Footsore are talking about delivery September, but it’s possible it might be early. 

Kings of War: I painted a load of undead for Kings of War last year and then got diverted onto other projects. There’s a lot of skeletons. vampires and zombies in my unpainted plastic pile.

15mm Blitzkrieg CoC: A few tanks and other support units to get this project finished.

Bandit gang for Test of Honour

Test of Honour: I have already got two Samurai forces, but I need to finish off my bandits.

Warcry: I’ve been having a great time painting up warbands of my favourite undead. They’re fun mini-projects and and the relatively small numbers of models involved makes Warhammer models affordable(ish).

Incomplete plans from last year

28mm Napoleonics for Sharp Practice: My British naval landing party still needs finished off and I’ve still got to paint a couple of rather nice boats that a friend gave me. The unpainted lead pile includes some Spanish Garrochistas from Eagle Figures, and Perry French Artillery, while in plastics I have some French Dragoons (Perry) and a large number of British Line Infantry. Hopefully I’ll get some of these finished by the end of the year.


WWII: I still need to get some scenery done in three different scales – 6mm, 10mm and 15mm.

My Samurai village needs some vegetable plots and paddy fields.

Samurai: I’ve done a lot of buildings and scatter terrain for Test of Honour but I still need to do some vegetable plots and paddy fields to complete my village. A watermill would be nice.


As per usual this is almost certain to change as new shiny stuff catches my eye. But at the time of writing I’m thinking of the following.

Infamy! Infamy:  I’ve taken part in a couple of play-test games for this new set of rules coming from TooFatLardies and have really enjoyed it. I’m seriously considered doing forces in 10mm with four 10mm figures used in place of one 28mm.

British for my Blitzkrieg CoC project.

15mm Gurkhas for CoC in Burma – I’ve still got all the Japanese I need and still there’s still nobody to fight them.  I really like the look of these Gurkhas from Eureka Miniatures. Maybe this year.

Pony Wars: I was rather excited when Pete Berry told me about his plans to make a range of 6mm figures for the Pony Wars rules that I’ve been meaning to do since I bought them when they were first published back in 1980. But that will be a big project, so I’ll probably leave it for 2021.


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  1. It certainly looks like you’re going to be busy mate.

    We’ve got WorLard coming up in early April and I’m more then a little excited about Infamy, Infamy! as it’s a very appealing period. Asterix with friction ;>)

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