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Plans for 2016

It’s that time of year again so here we go.


My main plan for 2016 is to paint up forces of British, French and Spanish for Sharp Practice from TooFatLardies.    And I got off to an excellent  start by finishing this unit of Spanish Guerrillas on New Years Day.

I’ve already purchased thirty odd guerillas from Front Rank and more will be ordered next week.  I’m planning on four units of twelve with four leaders.  Sitting  beside me I have a load of Perry plastics at various stages of readiness (a box of French and two of British) and some metal riflemen.    That’s enough to keep me busy for a while.

Apart from that I have some targets left over from last year, in particular I need to make some 15mm bocage hedges and some gardens for my 15mm Normandy village.  I must also finish off some support units for my Chain of Command British and Germans that have been sitting in the lead pile for more than a year.


  • Sharp Practice:  A group of us from the club have been involved with early play-testing for Sharp Practice v2 and  it’s been great fun so far.  Hopefully we’ll be able continue with the adventures of  Gilbert Duclos-Lasalle, Kapitan Zynda, El Nino and the Lady Colin Campbell.
  • Chain of Command:    I’ve bought all the pint sized campaigns from TooFatLardies, but haven’t completed one yet.  I plan on changing that this year.
  • Blucher:  I’ve been playing this a fair bit recently, mostly the 1809 Danube campaign using a friends troops.  At some point this year I’ve got to get my 6mm Peninsular forces on the table.   I’ll aim for a game or two to get used to the different forces, then the Battle of Vitoria.
  • Dux Britannarium:  Still one of my favourite games and I want to keep playing now my regular campaign opponent has moved from Edinburgh.
  • Dragon Rampant: I played Lion Rampant a couple of times last year and enjoyed the game a lot.   The problem was it did not seem very historical and quite frankly a bit silly in places.  I heard about Dragon Rampant and did some work pulling together old fantasy toys into coherent forces for the game.  I don’t mind ahistorical or silly for fantasy games and I’m hoping I can get a game or two in with my son.


  • Scottish Battlefield’s Wargames Show:  A new event organised by the Scottish Battlefield’s Trust on 20th February.  Jack Glanville and I have volunteered to put on a participation game involving the Gwyr y Gogledd and some raiding Picts.
  • Deep Fried Lard:  Provisionally scheduled for Saturday June 18th, 2016.   I’ll be running a game there, but I don’t know what yet.


I only managed eleven blog posts last year.  I’ll have to try a bit harder in 2016.



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