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Plans for 2015

Having just posted a review of what I accomplished in wargaming during 2014 it’s now time to now set some targets for 2015.  That means I can come back at the end of the year and see how I’ve done.


  • More scenery for Normandy 1944:  I built and/or painted quite a lot of 15mm buildings and walls during 2014, but I still need bocage hedges (loads of them) and roads.  Also clutter and bits and bobs to decorate my village.    A couple of extra buildings would be nice as well – I am particularly enamoured with some of the stuff from Tiger Terrain.
  • Support units for CoC:   One of the nice things about Chain of Command is that you have an excuse to buy anything you fancy as support.   This makes a pleasant change from most rules where you really need to buy AFVs by the troop,  with CoC a single AFV is usually all you need.   I’ve got all the basics I want for my British and Germans (troops of Shermans, and Cromwells for the British, Panzer IVs and Stug IIIs for the Germans) so it’s time for some fun.  I’m planning to get a few more of the vehicles used by German Recce forces and to make a start start on some of the unusual AFVs from 21st Panzer.   My British could do with a troop of Churchills to go with the two Crocodiles I already have.   I have supports for my early war forces, but none of them are painted.
  • Scotti for Dux Britannarium:  Finish my 28mm Scotti off to the point where I have all the troops necessary for reinforcements in a Raiders campaign.  I’ve already bought some of the models.
  • Gwyr y Gogledd for Dux Britannarium:   More cavalry and infantry needed.  I had planned on getting these before Christmas and painting them up over the holidays but Musketeer Miniatures were out of action for a while and I bought the Scotti from Gripping Beast  instead.
  • Picts for Dux Britannarium:  Noble Raiders needed.
  • 6mm British for IABSM:  Eighteen months ago I finished a load of Germans I intended to use for I Aint Been Shot Mum.  A friend said he’d do the British but he hasn’t even started yet.  I think I’ll need to do them myself at some point.


  • CoC Campaigns:  Finish off the two campaigns I’ve started on and get ready for one involving 21st Panzer and 6th Airborne in the days after D-Day (this has been announced as due for release by TooFatLardies sometime this year).
  • CoC somewhere other than Normandy:  I seem to be obsessed with Normandy in 1944, it’s certainly my favourite bit of WWII.  I’ve got troops suitable for early war France   or Russia that I’ve never used.  It would be good to get them on a table sometime.
  • Raiders Campaign:  Keep going with the Dux Britannarium Raiders campaign I’m playing with Paul.  At least twelve games during the year.
  • Play some of the excellent  games that seem to have fallen by the wayside:  There are a surprising number of games that I enjoy a lot that I have not played in ages.  Muskets and Tomahawks and Fire and Fury spring to mind.



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