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Pictish Village

I’ve just finished painting up a bunch of Dark Ages buildings from Scheltrum’s Once and Future range.    A Chapel and some Pictish houses .   I bought them about six years ago but recently dug them out to use with Dux Britaniarum. 

At the South East Scotland Wargames Club tonight they were in play as a Scots village under attack by Vikings, sometime in the early 11th century.   This game was a dress rehearsal for a display we’re putting on at the National Museum of Scotland’s Viking Wargames event  on Sunday.

The picture below shows  the Scots militia are forming up to defend the village..


Here’s some close ups of the individual buildings.


OF16 – Chapel


OF22 – Large multi-chambered Pictish house.


OF24 – Multi Chambered Pictish house.


OF26 – Pictish hut.

More pictures after the event.


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  1. Looks pretty good. I like the village. What scale was this done in?

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