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New Toys

Got a new toy for Christmas, a Fujifim FinePix F70EXR, supposedly the smallest camera in the world with a 10X optical zoom.   So last night I took it along to the South East Scotland Wargames Club to see how it did at taking pictures of wargames in progress.   The answer is that it does the job really rather well and it is a sight easier to carry around than my Nikon D90.

It is easy to use and has an aperture priority mode, custom white balance and other features I use regularly.   Its small size means I can use a light tripod sitting on top of the table, something I don’t really like to do with my heavy Nikon setup.

I think it does a good job as demonstrated in these pictures of a game of Impetus and a WWII battle between the Vichy French and British in Syria.





Today I discovered Windows Live Writer, a Microsoft freebie that enables you to write and format blog posts offline on your own computer before uploading them to your blog.  It works with the two blogging platform I use, WordPress here at Derek’s Wee Toys and Blogger, which I use  at work.

First impressions are favourable, it seems a bit easier to use that the add new post or edit post functions found on WordPress.


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