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Mountain Village for Test of Honour – Hovel & Animal Shelters

Another Japanese scenery kit from Sarissa Precision.  This time the Mountain Village Hovel & Animal Shelter Set. 


This is how the hovel looks built as per instructions in the pack.   I also took some inspiration from  a rather good two part article article about making these buildings available on the Sarissa blog.  Part 1 covers making the thatched roofs  from scouring pads, part 2 covers using water colour brush pens to add some subtle shading effects.


To personalise the building I’ve added some strip-wood to make it a bit less boxy, put bits of scouring pad on the roof, and scratch-build a roof ridge out of wooden coffee stirrers and strip-wood. 


Roof ridge is glued on to the top of the roof.


Base coat of gray paint on the walls and roof ridge and watered down acrylic black mixed with PVA glue on the thatch.


Inks and dry-brushing.



The animal shelters were done much the same way. 


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