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Muskets & Tomahawks – British and more French

Painting of forces has been going quickly and I’m now sorted for 600 point games with my French.


That’s 2 French officers of the Compagnies Franches de la Marine, 2 Canadian Militia officers  2 units of 12 Compagnies Franches de la Marine and 3 units (one of 7 men, the other 8 each) of Canadian Militia pointed as Coureurs des Bois.  With all the officers loaded up on talents  that comes to a regular force of just over 570 points.  Probably not the best 600 point French force in game terms, but it all comes from two packs of Blue Moon miniatures and cost just over £24.

The Compagnies Franches de la Marine are incredibly versatile and if I choose to use them as Canadian militia, upgraded to Coureurs des Bois, I can build an irregular force of 580 points.    Again, adding in a unit of Indians gives me even more flexibility.


I’ve not got quite so far with my British, I can only make up a 400 point force.  A regular officer, a ranger officer, a unit of regular infantry, two units of elite rangers and a unit of Indians upgraded to Auxiliaries.

When I get everything I’ve bought painted I’ll be able to field 600 points of British vs 600 points of French, with a bit of choice in both armies.  All that for just over £60.

Of course that’s not nearly enough toys and I’m already planning Provincials, Colonial Militia, Civilians and British Light Infantry.


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