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Making Sabot Bases


The main bit of my sabots are 80mm x 80mm laser cut bases from Warbases.co.uk .  The slots into which I  put the troops are built up from 3/32” balsa wood.


I use Polyfilla to build up the sabots.


then paint them using Dulux Tawny Crest 1 emulsion paint.  This is much cheaper than any sort of acrylic paint and is available in sample pots from B&Q. (edited 28th April 2015 – B&Q have changed their paint supplier and no longer sell Dulux paint.   It is still available at Homebase)


to texture the sabots I use Buff ballast from Woodland Scenics.  First of all I glue on some fine grade ballast using PVA glue


Then I add rocky patches using a mix of medium and coarse grades


I paint the whole thing with a mixture of 1 part water, 1 part emulsion paint (as above) and 1 part PVA glue, then leave it all to dry out overnight.


The sabots are drybrushed with Citadel Bleached Bone, then White.


and I add summer mix static grass ( from Javis)  and a few Silfor Tufts.


The finished sabots with troops in place.


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  1. El Grego says:

    An interesting take on sabot basing – I had not thought of using such a wide border around the minis. It would be useful for those minis with leveled spears…

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