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Lard Heresy

It’s a bit heretical for someone who likes the games from TooFatLardies, but I don’t really like using cards to determine the order things happen in a game. I prefer counters. Why?

Well it’s because cards stick together even when they’re well shuffled.  And most wargamers can’t shuffle properly making the problem even worse.   That sticking together can have a big effect in games and when the same combinations keep coming up turn after turn it gets annoying.

Some people use poker chips instead of cards, but I’ve decided to make my own custom tokens.  Here’s some I’ve made for Dux Britanniarum.


They’re 50mm x 25m  pill bases, painted and gloss varnished, with home made stickers for the writing.    The stickers are created using Corel Draw and printed on A4 sticker sheets before being covered in the transparent sticky back plastic sold for covering books and stuck on the pills.

I’m planning on the following for each side.

  • Lord
  • Leaders 1-4
  • Missiles 1 & 2
    Skirmishers 1 & 2
  • Lt Cavalry 1 & 2
  • Foederati 1-4
  • Blank

Please leave a comment below if you can think of anything else I’ll need.

You can download a pdf of the stickers I used to make these chips


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3 Responses

  1. Heresy! Heresy!
    To the fire with the witch!!!
    Besides that, it’s an outstanding good idea

  2. Emilio says:

    It is a good idea, but I would use plastic counters and don´t paint and varnish the wooden things.

    • Derek says:

      Warbases (and others) will laser cut them for you. But they’re a bit more expensive and not quite so good looking. At least that’s what I think.

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