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Jim’s Wee Samurai

Jim Louttit, one of my mates from the South East Scotland Wargames Club, brought these 6mm Samurai along to Show and Tell at the club last night.

Jim and I first started this samurai project in the summer of 2005 when we both bought some of these lovely figures from Pete Berry at Baccus Miniatures. Originally we intended to use them for Warmaster Ancients, after a lot of reading, Jim decided that Warmaster would not give a game that would accurately reflect the way they fought. So he’s now working on writing his own set of rules, based on Sam Mustapha’s Fast Play Grande Armee Napoleonic Rules, which will use these 3″ square bases to represent around a thousand men.

I’m looking forward to playing this game immensely, but I’m not looking forward to having my figures compared to these beauties of Jim’s.






Only these five stands done so far but Jim’s promised Cavalry and a General in his Maku are next. I’ll post some pictures as soon as he’s got them done.


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  1. Dogui says:

    Gorgeous. I´m off to buy some Baccus.


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