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IABSM – 6mm Panzergrenadier Kompanie Gepanzert


Now completed a full Panzergrenadier company all mounted in halftracks.  All models are from Heroics and Ros.


Kompanie HQ – A command stand, four Panzerschrekts (these will normally be attached out to individual platoons) an SdKfz 251/3  command halftrack and an SdKfz 231/17 with 20mm cannon.


Schwere Zug –  with Command, an MG Gruppe (2 MG stands 1  SdKfz 251), Mortar Gruppe (2 SdKfz 251/2) and Cannon Gruppe  (2 SdKfz 251/9)


Panzergrenadier  Zug – Command stand with SdKfz 251/10 and three rifle Gruppe each with with an SdKfz 251.

That’s my Germans just about complete.  A few armoured cars to finish and I’ll have all I need for the  Blenneville or Bust campaign, a friend is doing the Falschirmjäger.


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