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Hades Lochos for Mortal Gods Mythic

The whole force. Includes some spare heroes at the back.
My Heroes, Nekromantis (the Lochos Leader) and Nekudaimons (skeleton heroes). The Necromantis is a figure that comes with the Skeleton Host from Warlord Games while the Nekudaimons are Wargames Atlantic skeletons except for shields from Warlord (left) and from the Kickstarter Temple Guard (2nd Left).
Ierophylakes (Temple Guard) – The Hounds of Hades. These models came from the Mythic Kickstarter but are available for pre-order in the Footsore web store with delivery at the end of Octoberer, 2020. I changed the metal shields for plastic ones from Warlord Games and created my own Cerberus transfers.
Skeleton Warriors. I call these my Harryhausen skeletons and modelled them on the ones in the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts. They get a blog post all of their own. These and all of my other skeletons are Wargames Atlantic Skeleton Warriors with the occasional Warlord Shield.
More Skeleton Warriors. Shield transfers are a mixture of the ones that come with Warlord Ancient Greeks or Skeleton Host and home designed and printed.
And yet more
Skeleton Archers
Zelotai – Crazed fanatics who want nothing more than to kill people and send them to Hades. The models Farmers and Angry Farmers from Foundry’s Ancient Civilians range.
Alternate Heroes – (Left to Right) Footsore Nekudaimon, Footsore Nekromantis, Wargames Atlantic Nekudaimon with Footsore Temple Guard shield.

The Hydra – I also got the Hydra model from the Kickstarter, but I’ve still to build and paint it. When I get that done I’ll have over 1,000 points for Mythic, enough for two forces.


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