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Goldfinger Models Resin Scenery– Initial Impressions

In a comment on a posting I made some time last year Justin of the Model Dad’s blog told me about a French company, Goldfinger Models, who make a wide selection of 15mm resin scenery for France during WWII .  Well having just sold a shedload of old Games Workshop and Citadel Stuff on Ebay, I bit the bullet and sent off for a lot and it arrived today.


That’s two different types of wall (high and higher); some barricades; authentic French style telegraph poles; road signs; some hasty entrenchments and barricades; two small roadside Calvaires; and two shelled buildings.  And every piece is just lovely.


That’s N 350 KC Goupe de Maisons en L Detruits (L shaped group of damaged houses)


And F500 KC Ensemble Metairie Detruite (damaged farmhouse buildings)


The Goldfinger Models website, looks a bit intimidating –  it’s not particularly well laid out and it’s all in French which strained my schoolboy language skills to their limit.   But  Loïc Neveu, the highly talented ex-paratrooper who runs the company, is incredibly helpful and his written English is much, much, better than my French.   I sent him an email asking for a quote on the stuff that I wanted and he soon had me sorted out.

I’d have to say that it was not particularly cheap, especially when you add the rather stiff  cost of sending parcels from France and the PayPal charges.  But the quality is absolutely first class and the buildings actually look French – a refreshing change from the generic houses that so many companies market as  coming from France (usually Normandy) but which bear no real resemblance to the buildings actually found there during WWII.    And there are no hidden charges, Loic will tell you exactly what it’s all going to cost before you commit to buying, I wound up adding extra bits and bobs to my initial order to minimise the impact of the postage, a false economy if ever there was one..

So far highly recommended and I’ll post more pictures as I get the stuff painted up, I’ve already got the barricades and entrenchments undercoated.  .


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  1. Dick Bryant says:

    Are you supposed to be able to buy these buildings from this site?!

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