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Flames of War scalecreep


A few years back, when I was making up some 15mm forces for the Normandy campaign of 1944, I chose to use mainly Command Decision figures, mixed in with some Peter Pig when I didn’t want to buy 50 of something. Then I saw some pictures of some rather nice British Engineers from what was a new company to me, Battlefront Miniatures – who have since gone on to produce the game Flames of War which seems rather popular at the moment. Well these Engineers fitted in quite nicely as can be seen in the photo, the left hand stand are Battlefront while the right hand stand are Command Decision. The Battlefront miniatures are perhaps slightly larger but nothing too noticeable.size1.0

Well all that seems to have changed and the new models from Flames of War have changed in style and now do not fit in with other manufacturers stuff at all well. Left to right we have Peter Pig, Command Decision and Flames of War. At first glance at these new figures I thought, he’s huge, but a comment below and discussions on The Miniatures Page made me take a closer look. That Flames of War infantryman is actually not much taller than the others if you consider that he is mounted on a base that’s considerably thicker than the PP or CD models. What is different is that he is a bit bulkier, has a rather large head and his rifle and bayonet are considerably oversized. All this makes him look bigger.

I won’t be buying many of them anyway, they are really quite nice, in a cartooney fashion, but I’ve got far too much invested in CD and PP stuff that’s just not compatible.


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  1. Aric Watson says:

    Have you tried filing down the bases a tad (i.e. thinning down the bottom) to offset the height a bit? It seems like that plus perhaps mixing them with other manufacturers might help the scale problem, at least somewhat.

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