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Decals for Fantasy Wargaming

A new range of decals for Fantasy Wargames. I’ve been meaning to do them for a while.


I designed all these decals to fit on the shields of Oathmark Elves. They are available in any size you order, though I have recommendations for the Oathmark Elf Shields. You can have two different sizes of a symbol on a sheet for free, but there’s an extra charge for more than two sizes or dfor multiple colours,

Many different colour combinations are available. The light symbols on a dark background require a work-around discussed here.
Graham Green used my star decals on the shields of these rather lovely Elves. You can see more of his work in the Wargaming in Middle Earth Facebook group.

Orcs, Uruks and Goblins

For the goblinoid races I have decals for Eyes or for Hands, I’m nothing but a traditionalist.

The first type of eyes are available as sheets of a single type from the variants shown below, or as a mixed sheet with a selection of all the types available.

A slightly more abstract set of eyes that are only available as a mixed sheet. You can have these ones in any colour you like. These were inspired by sketches by Secundus, published on the Iron Mitten blog.

Hands come in red or white on sheets of mixed patterns.

Decals for Undead Samurai

I’ve started an undead samurai project using the rather excellent Kensei figures from Zenit Games. Some of them have sashimonos or other banners so I’ve made myself some transfers. So far I have done four designs, both of which are available in different colours and sizes.

God of Death (US1) – Kanji reading “God of Death” I use this symbol for the leaders in my warband.

Skeletal Hand (US2) – this symbol is inspired by the iconography used in Kensei.

Skull (US3) – this skull is based on a symbol used used historically on Sakai Tadatsugu’s personal sashimono.

Skull (US4) – another variant of the skull

Undead Samurai ready for action

The top row in the picture above shows sashimonos from Dixon Miniatures, the bottom two rows are the ones that come with Kensei figures. Transfers on the Dixon sashimonos are 5mm on the small ones and 7mm on the large. Hands on the Kensei sashimonos are 5mm.

Buying the Decals

Cost is £5 for a 90mm x 130mm sheet containing a single size of decal, including postage and packing to the UK or Europe. P&P elsewhere will be charged a supplement, normally £1 on an order of any size. The number of decals fitting on a sheet depends on their size. For guidance you get over 200 6mm circular decals on one of these sheet.

To buy send me an email and we can discuss your requirements and once we’ve worked out what you require I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Please ask for a quote if you want a decal sheet with mixed sizes and/or designs on it, I don’t charge for the first extra size on a sheet, so there’s no extra charge if you want a few decals for standards along with others for shields for example.

Contact me at dereksweetoys@gmail.com