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Early War Germans

I’ve just finished  a German force from early WWII for use with the Chain of Command rules from TooFatLardies.  I will be using them to fight the 1940 French platoon that I’ve already started and the Russian Naval Infantry I rebased last autumn.

Well that’s the first Germans painted, a Panzergrenadier platoon.  Three sections each of ten men and an HQ with an officer, an NCO, an anti-tank rifle team and a 50mm mortar team.


Each section has an NCO, two MG34s, and seven men.


I’ve already got some 1:100th scale vehicles to go with this lot, a Panzer II and a Pz 38t from Zvezda and some SdKfz 251/Cs from the Plastic Soldier Company.  It will also be relatively easy to add an extra section so I can use them as a platoon of ordinary infantry.    I didn’t get where I am today by letting a wee bit of coloured piping worry me.

Next on the painting table are the French.


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