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Desert War 7: A game at last

Finally got to play with my desert toys last Thursday and the weekly meeting of the South East Scotland Wargames Club. Kevan Gunn had been busy over the past couple of weeks putting together some really rather nice Desert terrain, including a small town made up from some            ther nice models from Kerr and King.

As usual we were using the Battlegoup Panzer Grenadier by Dave Brown. Each square infantry stand represents a section and there’s a command stand of two figures on a circular base for every platoon. Vehicle models represent two or three vehicles.

DSC_8558_editedBritish Infantry, supported by Matildas attack the town.

DSC_8553_editedAnother view of the British attack.

DSC_8562Buildings by Kerr and King.

DSC_8526An Italian Saharina scout car (Kevan Gunn).

DSC_8522Two saharinas and an Autoblinda (Kevan Gunn)

DSC_8536Italian paratroopers (Kevan Gunn)

DSC_8537Italian Paratroop mortar team.

DSC_85312 pounder Portees (Derek Hodge)
DSC_8551Matilda (Jim Louttit)

DSC_8554Carrier platoon (Jim Louttit)


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