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I have been designing and laser printing waterslide decals for my own use for a number of years and now that I’ve retired from full-time employment I’ve decided to offer some of them for sale. At the moment I’m producing decals for Sengoku period Japan and also for various fantasy ranges. .

Sengoku Period Japan

I’ve started with a range of designed for use on the various banners and standards used by Japanese troops in the late Sengoku period, roughly 1550-1615. They’re aimed at people doing skirmish wargaming using 28mm figures. The range now includes 80 different designs and youcan see the full range here. .

Samurai of the Hojo clan with decals on their banners.


I do a small range of decals for fantasy wargamers focussing on Undead Samurai and forces for Middle Earth wargamers, with inspiration coming from the original books rather than the more recent films.

Graham Green used my star decals on the shields of these rather lovely Elves. You can see more of his work in the Wargaming in Middle Earth Facebook group.

Custom Decals

I also offer a custom design and printing service. If there’s a specific symbol you’d like to see on a decal please get in touch. We can discuss your requirements and I’ll give you a quote for what you want. The price for such custom work depends on the design time involved and could be less than you may think. A small change to a decal I already produce, such as adding a ring round one of my samurai mons, would be free for example. And if you come up with an idea I like and that (I think would be a good seller the cost would be minimal or perhaps even zero,

Decal sizes and colours

I can print any of my decals in just about any size you like up. Colour can be complicated as my printer is not capable of printing white, I discuss the workaround I use for this here.

Buying the Decals

Cost is £5 for a 90mm x 130mm sheet containing a single size of decal, including postage and packing to the UK or Europe. P&P elsewhere will be charged a supplement, normally £1 on an order of any size. The number of decals fitting on a sheet depends on their size. For guidance you get over 200 6mm circular decals on one of these sheet.

To buy send me an email and we can discuss your requirements and once we’ve worked out what you require I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

Please ask for a quote if you want a decal sheet with mixed sizes and/or designs on it, I don’t charge for the first extra size on a sheet, so there’s no extra charge if you want a few decals for standards along with others for shields for example.


Contact me at dereksweetoys@gmail.com