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Chaos Force for Dragon Rampant

ArmyOld Games workshop figures and pre-painted models from the  World of Warcraft Miniatures Game, and the Lord of the Rings Combat Hex game.  All the pre-painted figures were bought really cheaply after the games were discontinued.

CoreThe core of my force is two units of Chaos Warriors (Elite Foot) and a Chaos Sorceror with a pet Chaos Hound (Heavy Foot, Wizardling).  The Chaos Warriors and Chaos Hound are old models from Games Workshop and the sorceror is a pre-paint from the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game.

This 18 point core force is supplemented  with various other demons to give me a lot of options.

BobBob the Balrog, a model from the Lord of the Rings Combat Hex game that my wife found in a charity shop,  is a huge model that can be used in a number of ways, I’ve used him as a unit of Elite Riders with the Level Headed and Flying options, but he could also be a Warbeast.

WingedObviously a flyer, but apart from that he can fill several roles.  I plan on using him as a Heavy Foot or Heavy Cavalry, perhaps as a Wizardling.  But he could easily be a Greater Warbeast.  He likes his Heavy Metal.

HeaviesHeavy Foot, Bellicose Foot or Lesser Warbeasts.

AssortThe very small demon on the left just has to be used as Bellicose Foot though Light Foot or Scouts would probably be more sensible.  The one in the middle could be Heavy Foot, Bellicose Foot or a Warbeast of some sort.  On the right – Bellicose Foot or Heavy Foot.

RasLight Missiles or Heavy Missiles.

MarthaMartha and the Murlocks, Scouts.

I rather fancy getting a box of the Frostgrave Cultists from North Star to give myself a few more human options.


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