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Buildings for Musket & Tomahawk

Just finished painting four of the rather good 15/18mm French Indian War buildings from Blue Moon Manufacturing.    These are available in the UK by special order from Old Glory UK, send them an email telling them what you want and they’ll give you a price and order the things from the US for you.  It will take a few weeks for them to get the buildings in.


15LOM138 Cabin #4 Lean to Style


15LOM137 cabin #3 Small Cabin


15LOM135 Cabin #1 One Story


15LOM136 Cabin #2 Two Story Narrow

I did a lot of searching round the web looking for a colour scheme to paint these buildings, but I dodn’t really find anything that seemed to work well.   Log buildings that have been standing for any length of time seem to wind up in various shades of grey, which is not very pretty at all.   In the end I took inspiration from a number of sources including pictures like those below.  The first two are from Historic Fort Wayne in Indiana, and the others are pictures taken at a re-enactment featured in this posting in Ye Journal of Mad Anne Bailey.

Edit:  The bottom two pictures were taken at Martin’s Station in Virginia.  Thanks to Buckeye AKA Darryl from TMP for pointing that out to me.




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