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Baccus 6mm WWII

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5 Responses

  1. John Secker says:

    It looks as though these may be compatible with GHQ figures, which are notoriously too large for their tanks, too. I wonder will the Baccus vehicles be over-size – it’s harder to fudge that with a vehicle, where you can take exact measurements to compare with the prototype.

    • Derek says:

      Pete was vague about exactly what scale the vehicles will be (all he would say was “6mm”, which is a size, not a scale), but he was quite clear that they would “fit with the infantry”. He also said they would not really be compatible with anything else currently available.

    • Mike Salwey says:

      As far as I am aware Peter has done his range of vehicles to be compatible with Baccus figures.

      i.e. they will be larger than GHQ counterparts. I was given a couple of the printed prototypes from JoS 2013 😉

      • Derek says:

        That’s certainly what Pete told me. I measured the 2013 ones and they were about 1/250th scale compared to GHQ’s declared scale of 1/285th.

  2. Ariel Ikzda says:

    It is what we have always done and it has worked well for us so far. When Baccus was first started in a time far, far away, there were howls of protest from the existing 6mm community because they did not fit in exactly with the ranges that were already out there.

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