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6mm Grande Armée for Blucher – more rebasing

The Anglo-Portugese need someone to fight and I many years ago volunteered to do Poles, Westphalians and Italians for 1812 and later, while my mate Jim did all the Austrians and Russians.  I got the easy job.


24 brigades of French infantry, ten brigades of cavalry and four grand batteries


Italians, Poles and Westphalians.


French and allied infantry are all based in columns.





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2 Responses

  1. Scott Duncan says:

    Were you not tempted to put more toys on the 6mm bases? They look empty compared to 15mm bases

    • Derek says:

      I was a bit tempted to add another 12 or so figures per stand. But then I’d have had to paint more 🙂 In Blucher a stand is usually two or three batallions

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