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6mm Anglo-Portugese rebased for Blucher

Having put together fifty stands each of 15mm Russians and French for Blucher, it was time to rebase my collection of 6mm Napoleonics.  They all used to be on 2″ square bases and were used for Grande Armée.

First up Wellington’s Anglo-Portugese army, I want do some battles from the Peninsular War.

ArmyThat’s eighteen British infantry brigades, nine Portugese infantry brigades and eight assorted cavalry.     I need one Brigade of Portugese Dragoons and the British Household Cavalry  and I’ll have enough Anglo-Portugese to do any battle of the war.GdsThis is the First Division, A guards infantry brigade, KGl and British line.

AngloPortAn Anglo-Portugese brigade.




Wellington and his staff.


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