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Wings of War Miniatures wave two: My first impressions

Jules from Figures in Comfort brought the full range of the second wave Wings of War miniatures along to the club last night so I just had to buy a few – eight to be exact.

First up is the Sopwith Snipe (Barker) a good looking model. The three of these I bought will be getting the 266 squadron treatment when I put some letters on the wings.

Here’s a De Haviland DH4 (Atkey) which will do fine as it is for the moment. I’m going to get another one of these so I’ll have to work out a way of making it look different.

DSCN6028The LFG Roland CII (Seibert & Pfleger) which again will do just as it is for recce and spotting missions. Of the models available I prefer the all over pale blue of the Richthofen variant of this model, but that one doesn’t have the forward firing machine gun so I bought this one instead.

Last but not least the Fokker DVII (Schäfer) of which I bought three to make what will be a quite formidable flight – the DVII is quite the best plane in Wings of War with 16 damage points and some absolutely outrageous turns. The three of these I bought will all be converted to different planes from Jasta 15 in which were all painted with red front and blue rear fuselages – individual pilots having personal markings in the blue section. I’ll probably just make up some markings for fictitious pilots but If I can convince Dom, of Dom’s Decals, to do some historical ones for Jasta 15 then I’ll change to them. I’m going to repaint the rear of the fuselage as the blue they have used in this model looks just a bit too purple for my tastes (though it doesn’t really show up in the photo above).

I have one major problem with this model and that’s the horrid looking lines of red that show up on the edges of the wings where the transfers used for the lozenge pattern don’t cover up the red paint. But that’s easily fixed with some paint as I have done on the plane on the right below.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Derek – nice stuff.

    Until I get mine I’m not sure what I’ll do with the pilot figures. I may be tempted to cut them out and replace with better figures to match my S1 planes.

    With regards to the sheet from Dom, I ones I originally suggested were Jasta 15 – DVII, Jasta 11 – Dr1’s and in passing Jasta 5 or 12 for DVa.

    You could easily repaint the DVa to make Jasta 11 without any special decals other than fresh national markings.

    It will be interesting to see what he finally comes up with and I very much hope the range is a success so he’ll consider other requests. For example when the SE5a is made 56 squadron numbers are a must have!

    best Timmo

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