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Tagged: Wargames

Pictish Village

I’ve just finished painting up a bunch of Dark Ages buildings from Scheltrum’s Once and Future range.    A Chapel and some Pictish houses .   I bought them about six years...

Pictish Reinforcements

I’ve now got my Pictish force for Dux Britanniarum complete. Noble Raiders:  Unlike the normal Pictish Raiders these troops are armoured.   Figures from Gripping Beast Pictish Nobles – PCT01 Noble...

Lard Heresy

It’s a bit heretical for someone who likes the games from TooFatLardies, but I don’t really like using cards to determine the order things happen in a game. I prefer...

Deep Fried Lard

What?   –  A day of games from the TooFatLardies stable. Where?  – Musselburgh, just next to Edinburgh, Scotland When?  – June 22nd, 2013. Further information here on this website.

Picts on Sabots

I’ve had some sabot bases made for my Dux Britannarium Picts and spent part of today assembling, painting and texturing the things.   I think they look quite good.