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Sprucing Up “Old School” Sabots

Over the past few days I’ve written two blog posts about sabots and have taken part in several conversations on Twitter and Facebook on the same subject. There have been a few times when I found myself saying that I really don’t like the big blocky look you get with sabots or movement trays made from two layers of 2mm mdf. I much prefer the slightly slimmer look you get with 2mm tops on cardboard.

Big and Blocky Old School

That got me thinking about what I could do with the dozens of what I now consider “Old School” sabots I have got for my 25mm Samurai (see above). I wondered if I could get the things to look a bit better without too much work.

I started off with one unpainted sabot and one that was finished and basically hacked them about a bit with a Stanley Knife and a file. I roughly chamfered the edges of the sabots and rounded off all the corners. Then I drilled 5mm holes in the sabot base and glued in some magnets.

Before (top row) and after (bottom row) attacking the sabots

Then I painted and textured them as would normally.

That’s better (front)

I think those look quite a bit better and it was not at all difficult to do.

And in use. Old School (left) modified (right)

I still prefer the new thinner ones with wavy edges though (left below). I think I’ll try a slight chamfer on some of them and see how it looks.


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3 Responses

  1. Doug says:

    Looks not bad Derek. I confess, I don’t mind my old school sabot, and there are hundreds of them by now. So I won’t be changing them anytime soon.

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