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Scenery – barbed wire and minefields for CoC

I’ve decided to stop painting toy soldiers this month and make more effort on the scenery front.  I have projects that have been waiting to be done for months, sometimes years, and my family gave me some 4Ground houses for my birthday last week.

First up I decided that I needed some minefield markers and some barbed wire sections to use in Chain of Command.  Both of these options are in support list one for most armies and look to be very useful for troops on the defense.  You can have four sections of bared wire or two minefields for your platoon, so this is what I’ve made.   Inspiration was provided by this post on the Wargaming with Silver Whistle blog.




I’ve also made up twenty templates to mark out the boundaries of woods.



These were made from the foam sheets that are used in children’s crafts and are available in a number of colours.  I cut shapes out of brown foam and then painted them with  craft acrylic paint, green on the edges and shades of brown in the middle.  .


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