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Sabots bases for Muskets & Tomahawks

Got these sabot bases custom- made by Martin at Warbases .   I just gave  him rough sketches of what was wanted and he took the whole thing from there – all at a price that wasn’t much higher than what he charges for stock items.   Fantastic service.

Unlike stock Warbases sabots these ones have a bottom layer made of the mounting cardboard that’s used in picture framing.  This makes them a bit thinner than the normal Warbases movement trays which are made up of two layers of 2mm mdf.


Here’s how they look when they’re finished and in use.


I’m getting some more of these twelve man firing line bases made, but with the two ranks positioned a bit closer together.



Edit:  Had some more of the firing line bases made with the two ranks closer together.


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2 Responses

  1. Emilio says:

    Those are great!!
    I hope WARBASES will include them in their regular catalogue. I´d buy some.

  2. Derek says:

    Just ask him. I’m sure he’d do some for you.

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