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Plans for 2022


I’m going to be ambitious this year and aim for 100 gaming sessions, including at least 52 involving miniatures. I’m on target so far with nine sessions in January.

Gauls are so last year, but I’ve got them painted and have even played with them a few times.. And I’m planning on playing more Infamy! this year.

Deep Fried Lard, a day of games from the TooFatLardies stable, is scheduled at Musselburgh Rugby Club Saturday June 18th, 2022. It’s looking hopeful that the recent improvements in the Covid situation will mean it can go ahead. I’ve really missed not running it for the past two years.

Infamy! Infamy! – I’m in the playtest group for the Punic Wars supplement but Covid restrictions have meant I’ve only been able to play one game. Hopefully I’ll get a few in this year.

O’ Group: I enjoyed seven games of ‘O’ Group last year, but I’ve not yet played with any of my early war forces featured in the ‘O’ Group 1940 supplement. I definitely want to play a few early-war games, they should be quite different from the late-war ones we’ve played so far.

Oathmark – I’ve got the forces assembled and the sabots printed, but I’ve only played one game so far. I hope to get a few in this year.

Warcry – I’ve become a big fan of this fantasy skirmish game from Games Workshop. I’ve played nine games of it so far this year and planning on more. It’s great fun and, while the the rules are really easy to learn, the tactics demand a lot of thought.

Painting – Addressing the Lead & Plastic Mountain

It’s not a “Pile of Shame”, it’s a “Pile of Opportunity”.

Punic Wars: I’ve already painted Republican Roman, Gallic and Carthaginian forces for force for the promised Punic Wars supplement for Infamy, Infamy! I’d like to expand the Romans with a few more stands of Principes and Triari and the Carthaginians could do with some cavalry and an Elephant. I’ve already got some Numidian allies for them. I could be tempted into starting a force of Iberians, and if Wargames Atlantic release their promised Thureophoroi, I will start on a Hellenistic force.

I’m finding that these Numidians are highly useful troops. They can fight as Carthaginian allies in the Punic Wars and alongside or against Caesarian Romans. Gauls and Iberians are the same.

Warcry – As seems to be usual I’ve only got round to writing this post in February and I’ve already achieved one of my objectives in January. The three Warcry warbands I’ve already painted this year get me to a point where I now have access to nine different warbands, two of which belong to my son. That’s enough to be going on with at the moment, though there’s another warband of Orcs (Kruelboyz this time) waiting to be painted and I am planning on getting a few figures that will give me more options for the existing warbands.

Flesheater Courts – probably my strongest Warcry warband. The big boys kick arse, the little ones run around getting in the way whilst trying not to get themselves put out of action too quickly.

Samurai I bought a load of Sohei monk figures over a year ago and if I get them painted I will have new Test of Honour forces for Sohei and for Ikko Ikki. That’s the plan,

Undead Samurai – I’ve still not yet painted any of the figures I got from last year’s Zenit Miniatures Kickstarter.

Mortal Gods Mythic: I really must paint the Hydra from the Kickstarter.

Stargrave: I want to complete a few bits and bobs for Stargrave, in particular some undead types for the Quarantine 37 campaign.

Painting – Expected Temptations.

Punic Wars: I could easily be tempted to starting a force of Iberians, and if Wargames Atlantic release their promised Thureophoroi, who seem to me to be the most suitable Hellenic infantry to use for the types of skirmish covered by Infamy, Infamy!, I will probably start on a Hellenic force.

Mortal Gods Mythic: Footsore promised us more toys for this game last year, including Cerebus for the Hades forces. Trish Carden has been doing some lovely monster sculpts for this range so, when they’re finally released, I’ll be getting Cerebus and anything else they do for Hades.

Fantasy: I’m still waiting for Wargames Atlantic to release their promised Skeleton Cavalry sometime soon and if they’re anything like their Skeleton Warrior infantry, which I love, I’ll be completely unable to resist buying a couple of boxes. Games Workshop are going to re-release their Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, a game set in a city taken over by undead types. It comes with a dozens of figures that I can use to expand my existing undead forces for multiple games and the chance of me resisting temptation is zero.

Scenery – Printing and Painting

I bought an Ender 2 3D printer last year and have been churning out scenery, bases and sabots with it since November. My plan for the year is to get a load of the scenery painted and ready for use. So far I’ve been much better at printing than painting.

Test of Honour – I’m a big fan of the 3D files for Japanese scenery coming from from 3D Alien Worlds and I’m planning on some fairly major additions to my Test of Honour scenery. I’ve already finished the farm clutter and wooden walls seen in the picture below and I’ve got some more wooden walls and a complete Teahouse printed and waiting to be finished. I’d love to do one of their Samurai Castles, but that’s a huge project and I think I’ll just start with some stone a section of castle walls with a corner tower and perhaps a gatetower . I’ve been searching for a good Samurai house for a while, but haven’t found anything that I really like. My current plan is to get the mdf Samurai House from Sarissa Precision and improve it with a 3D roof using Rooftile Panels from 3D Alien Worlds

Some wooden walls for the lower classes in my Samurai Village. hope that the upper classes will have a nice house in a stone walled garden by the end of the year. .

Fantasy and Science Fiction – Already printed I have a lot of scenery for Stargrave and I’ve started on a project to put together an extensive Necropolis with lots of mausoleums etc for my undead hordes to inhabit. I really must get painting scenery rather than just printing it.

Undead looking for a home.

New Games

Border Wars – Iain McDonald of Flags of War and Funky Skull Games has almost finished a set of skirmish rules and accompanying figures for fighting in the period of the infamous Border Reivers. From what I’ve seen of the rules and figures they look to be an absolute must for any Scottish historical miniature gamer. Border Wars should be coming to Kickstarter later in the year.

Strength and Honour – I’m also really looking forward to the Strength and Honour rules coming from the Reisswitz Press and have already put together two forces in 2mm for this big battle game of ancient warfare.

That’s seven Roman Legions plus some supporting troops for Strength and Honour.

Derek’s Wee Decals

I plan on expanding my Samurai range of decals and have other products planned, including some decals for what I’m calling “Classic Fantasy” and some stl files for sabots. I’m also working on producing samurai decals for 6mm figures but it’s a lot more difficult than I thought for me to get them looking good on figures that small.

Reading over all that I think I’m being rather ambitious.


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