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Picts for Dux Britannarium

I’ve been playing a few games of Dux Britannarium from TooFatLardies recently and, some of us at the South East Scotland Wargames Club have started up a campaign.  The first game of the campaign ended with a technical victory for the British, but their casualties were at such a level that the Saxon will be raiding unopposed for two months – thereby gaining huge amounts of loot.

People at the club already have the Saxon and British armies which we’ve been playing with so when the opportunity arose for me to buy a force of painted Picts at an absolute  bargain price I jumped at the chance to get in ahead of the forthcoming Raiders supplement for the game, which I understand will include battle and campaign rules for Scots, Irish and Picts.


That’s what I’ve been told by Richard Clark, the rules author, is what will probably constitute a Pictish force for the game.  Four units of six infantry classified as  raiders, a unit of four cavalry, four archers and four skirmishers.   Rounding off the force are two leaders a standard bearer and musician.   The Raiders rules are near the end of play-testing and I’m told they are unlikely to be changed much before publication.

I’ve also got about the same again for reinforcements and I bought the lot for  £80 – a  fraction over £1 per painted figures and a major bargain to my mind.  When I got them they were based for Impetus, but I’ve re-based them all on to 1p pieces for Dux.  I might get round to getting sabots so that I can use them for Impetus again.


Leaders, standard bearer and musician.  Too many for a Dux force, which will probably just have two nobles, but I like them so I photographed them anyway.


Two units of raiders.







They’re not as colourful as some Pictish armies I’ve seen, but that’s probably realistic, and I’m really looking forward to getting to use them in a game.


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  1. Nice Picts. I want to do some Pict Mercenaries for my Dux armies.

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