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Ossiarch Bone Reapers for Warcry

My Ossiarch Bonereaper warband for use in Games Workshop’s Warcry game

I do like my undead, so I’ve been putting together warbands of them for Warcry. I’ve finished warbands for Nighthaunts (ghosty boys), for the Legions of Nagash (ordinary looking skeletons) and for these Ossiarch Bonerapers .

The inspiration for them came from a post I saw somewhere on Facebook, I’ve no idea which particular page or group it was., where someone has posted some pictures of some Bonereapers wearing Ashigaru style Jingasa conical hats. I liked the look and they’d be even better, and even more Samurai, if they had sashimonos. The sashimono were easy I had some spare Dixon ones from my Samurai forces, but what to do for the Jingasa? I couldn’t find anything I thought would work until my wife suggested I should look at studs for leather jackets. A quick search on Ebay and I was sorted.

Mortek Guard from Games Workshop. They’ve all got Sashimono’s from Dixon Miniatures and all but the leader are wearing conical Jingasas made from leather rivets.

The next thing I bought was a box of Necropolis Stalkers, large bony monsters which you can see below. I found that twin sashimono’s worked well them.

I’m told that they are not at all competitive in Warcry, for that you apparently need a £35 box of Kavalos Deathriders, but I don’t think they look sufficiently Samurai so that’s not happening. I like them anyway and I’ll use them as they are in Warcry and in other games.

The text on the Sashimonos reads “God of Death” and you can buy them from me at DereksWeeDecals.


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