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Normandy Building from Goldfinger

I’ve finally got round to painting the second 15mm Normandy building I bought from Goldfinger Models in France last May.  I think it’s a lovely model, it’s the main reason I placed the order,  and I’ve been putting it off until I felt I could do it justice.  I finally got going on it last weekend and here it is finished.





And here it is with some 15mm Peter Pig models to give it some scale.  As you can see it’s quite big.


It’s sure to become the centrepiece of a few battles of Chain of Command.    What I really need to do now is groundwork for a village.

Finally a big thanks to Justin at the Model Dads blog, who told me about Goldfinger.


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4 Responses

  1. That is fantastic. I saw the pictures that you posted on the TFL forum. Very nice indeed. They have plenty of great looking models on their website.

  2. A beauty ion all senses
    Must take a prominent role in any game

  3. Justin says:

    Hi Derek – wonderful paint job – how did you get that Normandy stonework to look so authentic? 🙂

    • Derek says:

      Caramel Blush emulsion paint from Dulux, two different shades of it. A home made magic wash and lots of drybrushing. I’ve been asked a few times so I’ll probably put up a blog post about it at some point.

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